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Among the varied pleasures of a sauna, there lies a marvelous benefit – the good it does to your skin! The heat of saunas makes the capillaries dilate to allow increase in blood flow to the skin so as to draw heat from the surface of the skin and disperse it within the body. This turns your skin into a cherry red hue. The heart is pushed into a faster pace in order to meet the demands of additional blood. Due to this faster flow of the body's juices, all impurities and toxins from the liver, stomach, kidneys, muscles, brains and other organs are flushed out of the body. These are filtered by the skin and the kidneys in the form of urine and sweat.
How does sauna help your heart?
few researches claim that the quick flexing of the heart and blood vessels during a sweat bath provides a healthy exercise for the heart by adding a little extra strain than a simple stroll. The increase in the capillary volume keeps the blood pressure normal. A Finnish study had observed that though a normal person's blood pressure remains normal in a sauna; if you suffer from high blood pressure, then a significant drop in blood pressure is noted. Even though this is a transient effect, the heart gets a good exercise routine in a sauna.
How does sauna help your lungs?
Since the requirement for oxygen in the body increases by about 20%, so another major toxin eliminator – the lungs also match up to the rapid pace of the body. The heat in the sauna opens up clogged respiratory passages providing relief from colds and other similar respiratory troubles. However, if you suffer from pneumonia or any other serious and acute respiratory illness, sweat bathing is not recommended. In some sweat baths, the quick exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen is interrupted due to high humidity. On the tiny alveoli in our body where the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen takes place, high humidity results in condensation of water making breathing slightly labored. In the dry heat bath, like in the American saunas, the dryness may render the mucous membranes damaged and dry.
Other advantages of the Sauna
The body reaches a "fever" like stage as the surface temperature rises by about 10 degrees centigrade and the inner by about 3 degrees. Following Hippocrates, generations of medical people have sought this stage achieved in a sweat bath. Though not every disease can be cured this way, most bacteria and virus cannot survive in temperatures higher than the normal body temperature. The body's damaged cells repair quicker in this condition due to increased metabolism making recovery from illnesses easier and rapid.
The function of pituitary gland accelerates the body's metabolic rate and also affects several hormones in the body. All the other glands like adrenal, testes, ovaries and thyroid are controlled by the pituitary gland. Some people even believe that sex drive and growth are stimulated in the sauna.


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